Hey, this photo is © by PIX el ARTist dA Spengla

Artist Statement

Art is a reflection of my life, soul&dreams


Every component of my pictures is a small limb, an articulus, where a thought is fixed on the screen in every brush stroke, and where a brush stroke becomes a sound for the expression of the thought. The sum of these sounds is the lyric in which I speak to the viewer in my works.

As an artist, I attach great importance to creative processes, the constant further development of my artistic skills and to the greatest possible variety of contemporary tools available to me.
I do not want to commit myself on a particular style.
Often, I combine different styles with each other in order to offer the possibility to create a new style.

The free expression of my intuition and the playful use, as well as the combination of idea, feeling, tool, material, color and form is a central focus in my works. This method also often allows a lot of space for the coincidence.

The focus of my artistic work is currently the free painting with the medium computer and tools like graphic tablets. My brushes and tools are digital versions of their physical counterparts, sometimes complemented with the refined use of collage techniques.
Despite the use of digital technology, my ultimate goal is the effort to give the works the greatest possible organic expression.

My compositions are the result of a complex mental process of development, with special attention paid to the main motif and its characteristics. I always try to incorporate organic structures into my pictures in order to bring them into relation and harmony with concrete objects, surreal forms and often excessive coloring. With this I create spaces that quickly take the viewer into their spell and in which he can only lose himself too quickly.

My work often turns out to be complicated interrelations of bizarre and concrete, surreal and real, feeling and property, form and space, of line and point, motif and character, color and surface. I will mainly emphasize the associative level of the main motif. Playfully, I often create spatial arrangements by rearranging all parts of the composition harmoniously and systematically, ultimately, to create an organic surreal real whole.

PIXel ARTist – daSpengla