Hey, this photo is © by PIX el ARTist dA Spengla


PIX EL ARTIST - dA Spengla

„I consider myself as a digital, visual artist.
I love painting and I love the sheer endless possibilities,
which are available to me with my digital work equipment.
My passion is to create things on the digital canvas.
The constant demand on myself is to discover new ways
and spaces in my imagination and then translate them to canvas.
This is the big challenge I set myself daily and is an essential part of my work.“

PIXel ARTist – daSpengla


Hi, my name is Andreas and i am working in the Graphics Industry
since more than 30 years.
Very early in my youth, i came into contact with art.
This changed my life dramatically and opened up
suddenly unimagined new worlds and paths.
I started my artistic career as an independent airbrush artist in the late 80s.
That Times I was working exclusively on commissioned work.
In 1993 i boght my first Apple Macintosh.
Since then, I use MACs along with Wacom Tablets and Software
like Photoshop and Corel Painter for my work.
As a Graphic Designer and Art Director I worked for decades for various
companies and publishing houses as well as a freelancer.
With this long-term work experience in the background,
these days i only develop my own work of art.




Seit August 2013, Ausbilder für Grafik & Mediendesign in der Schweiz (CH)
2008, Grafik & Bildbearbeitung im Marketing eines österreichischen Verlagshauses (A)
2005, Senior Graphic-Artist in der Gaming Industrie bei der Firma Atronic (A)
2000, Abteilungsleiter & Ausbildungsleiter der Grafik-u. Digitaldruckabteilung der Firma TeamStyria (A)
1998, ArtDirektor & Leiter der Grafikabteilung in der Gaming Industrie bei der Firma Novomatic (A)
1988 – 1997, Als freib. bildender Künstler und Grafiker in Wien tätig (A)
1990, Staatliche Anerkennung als bildender Künstler durch das BM für Unterricht, Kunst u. Sport (A)
1989, nebenbei Tontechnik-Assistent Tonstudio «TonArt» (A)
1985, Jugendbetreuer beim Verein Wiener Jugendzentren (A)
1984, Meisterprüfung Buch- & Offsetdruck (A)
1983 – 1986, Studium Schlagwerk am Konservatorium in Wien (A)
Seither nebenberuflich begeisteter Freizeitmusiker.